Assignment 1


a) How many hours of sunlight does your site receive on March 21st?

6 hours

b) When does the sun first strike your site on December 21st? June 21st?

10:30, 5:00

c) Which day of the year has the most sunlight on your site?

June 21st

d) If you were creating a porch that would be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, how would you orient it on your site? Would this be possible on your site?

I will orient the opening of the porch to Southwest. In summer sunlight will be partly blocked by the building and the tree canopies in South. Thus inhabitant could enjoy the shading in hot weather. In winter sunlight can light and heat the porch area thus create a comfortable place for resting.

e) Are there any notable features on your site that would influence the orientation, location of windows and shading devices?

The grass lope is relatively more appreciable view then the buildings behind. Large windows will allow habitants to enjoy the view and let the sunlight in. Also, the wind that blows from the top of the slope where the air is cooler to the bottom of the slope also gives people inclination to sit in the breeze during summer and avoid wind during winter. Sound-proof might be another aspect to take into consideration in designing. The train running at the South side of the site will have an unpleasant noise that inhabitants want to avoid.


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