Psychrometric Study

South façade of Campbell Hall:

Bricks Temperature: 84.5°F

Concrete Temperature: 75-78.5°F

Slate Temperature: 83°F

Dew Point: 46.9°F

Wind: 0-1.1miles/hour

Air Temperature: 69.4°F

Relative Humidity: 39%-48%

Micro Climate:

Bricks Temperature: 71.5°F

Concrete Temperature: 73.5°F

Slate Temperature: 78°F

Sand (on the ground0 Temperature: 71°F

Wind: 0

Dew Point: 47.8°F

Air Temperature: 72.5°F

Relative Humidity: 38.3%

The brick walls enclose the area and create a microclimate in front of the south side of Campbell Hall. The trees form a mass umbrella that blocks the sunlight from heating the area. The sand on the ground has relatively bigger specific heat capacity, so the temperature difference during the day will be smaller than the area with asphalt or concrete as ground material. Thus, the space become a rather comfortable area to stay. It also function as a transition zone between the building and the natural world outside.


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