Assignment 2: Energy Trace


Diagramming about the energy consumption of a four hour period in China, I realized I consumed less energy in studying but more energy in commuting compared to now in college. Chinese schools adopt a very frugal system. We don’t have any air-conditioners in classroom but only fans, which effectively make classrooms comfortable places to study. We always turn off the light when leaving the room. The transportation I commuted between school and home on daily basis is subway. Though using electricity, not petroleum, the energy consumption of running the subway is up to 30 billion kilowatt per year.

Three ways that you could have the largest impact in changing my web:

1. Individual Scale

As individual, we should drive less and use public transportation more often. Though much more energy is consumed by public transportation, the average energy consumption per capita is relatively small.

2. National Scale

The energy consumption pie chart shows China’s more recent analyzed energy source distribution. Coal still takes up almost 70% of the energy usage while nuclear takes up only 1%. We use coal for producing electricity, cooking and water heating, etc. China could adjust its energy structure to consume less coal and more nuclear for electricity and generalize electric cooking system to reduce using of coal gas.

3. Global Scale

Besides of stimulate global energy resource trading, we could put more effort in new energy development and encourage individual countries to develop and fully utilize their energy without damaging the environment.


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