Contemplation Room

Hereford_College_wideview photo

My space for contemplation is set up the grass slope beside hereford residential college facing the runk dining hall. The small lawn has a widespread view of the mountains beyond and ample sunlight. Huge mass of trees and vegetation wrap around the lawn, making it an ideal place to have sports or hang out.


I arranged the contemplation room at the edge of a steer slope at the end of the lawn to fully integrate the space with the landscape. With the main entrance facing south, the room will be lit by warm sunlight morning and afternoon during the day when the sun is close to the horizon. In the middle of the day, when the radiation raised to the highest point, the overhangs can prevent the heating sunlight  to penetrate the room. The windows provide interesting effect of light in the room. The one on the east facade allow us to watch the sunrise on the loft area. The trees also overcasting moving shadows through this window. The big transparent window on the south gives the person who sit in the center of the room of view of the nature and the reflection of sky from the runk dining hall window.2

According the Climate Consultant, the most important factor of building a house in Charlottesville is maintaining humidity and using natural ventilation. The contemplation room takes away heating and cooling systems and only uses natural ventilation. The two adjustable windows on northern facade and on the tilted southern facade is the main entrance and exit for natural wind.  Windows are oriented to prevailing breeze in Charlottesville.

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