Final Thoughts

Over this semester, my skill in architectural modeling and visualization is strengthened in modeling class and studio. But this course is important  and educative in a different way. It opens up a new perspective to me to think about architecture in terms of natural system, urban fabric and human scale. I used to consider more about geometry form during design process but now I know that the experience we have inside a building is the indispensable factor that determines how the building looks and works. By observing and analyzing the building in both big and small scales, ideas of design emerges and prospers.  Our experience inside building decided the lighting, ventilation, heating systems designed by architects. And it is important to design an architecture not only aesthetically elegant but also natural-friendly, comfortable and sustainable.
Personally I find the parts about systems very interesting. I especially like the emergency theory of complex system and the model of sheep and wolves. The systems theory can not only be applied to architectural design but can be used to explain almost every phenomenon in the world. I can always link the system theories to other fields like sociology, philosophy and biology, etc. The Bay Game is also a very helpful and interesting learning approach.Throughout my experience in designing, I will constantly look back to the materials and case studies that we have looked on in this class.

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